Ableman International Ltd was established by people with practical experience in the industries of offshore drilling, human resources and business development.

Founded on the principle that expertise needs to be deployed throughout the system rather than for its individual components, Ableman International’s approach has led to the development of a complete, fully integrated range of dedicated services.

In offering our holistic solution, we can deploy this expertise to take on the responsibilities in which we specialise, freeing up time and resources for clients to be more productive.
Over the years we have established strong links with clients and personnel in the drilling industry, earning ourselves a first-rate reputation in the process.

We are happy to be able to maintain this excellent standing while also being able to focus on giving an unrivalled sense of value through our services.

At Ableman International we aim to fully meet and exceed clients’ recruitment requirements by staying at the forefront of ever increasing industry standards through:

  • Maintaining full safety awareness through persistent evaluation of safety programmes and industry knowledge issues;
  • Continued high standards of expertise and excellence in service;
  • Offering a personalised, complete and holistic approach to clients’ individual needs; and
  • Ensuring appropriate testing, evaluation and training methods for candidates.